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Change to the Everyclick Payment Partner

After an excellent partnership over the past 7 years with Charities Trust, we have moved to Technology Trust (CC 1133179), who will be handling all charity payments for us from now on.

Charities Trust have successfully helped us to make payments to our charity base over the past 7 years and have been integral in Everyclick being able to provide payments for any of the UK’s 200,000 strong Charity marketplace and consequently to be recognised by the Institute of Fundraising for our services.

Unfortunately, factors outside of their control have resulted in the business failure of one of their 3rd party payment gateway providers. The uncertainty regarding the future supply led us to investigate other options and although Charities Trust have offered an excellent alternative platform, the decision was made to move to pastures new.

The Board of Everyclick wish to record their thanks to Charities Trust for their partner services and the support they have provided us over the last 7 years. We are sure that their new gateway product will create many new opportunities for them and will enhance their already impressive reputation.

Technology Trust have been providing payment services to the Charity sector for 15 years and were formerly known as the Charity Technology Trust (CTT).

There will be some small changes to you in our payment process.

1. Payment partner admin fees.
All disbursements of Everyclick Search and Give as you Live will be distributed free of charge. As a consequence, all payments will now be sent via the payment partner. Everyclick will cease to pay charities directly.

By necessity, Credit and Debit card donations will continue to incur the current 4.8% payment partner admin fee for the immediate future. Gift Aid fees will be reduced from their current level of 4% to 3%. These fees may be reviewed downward after a settling in period. We are assured they will not be reviewed upwards.

2. Payment timetable.
Technology Trust pay into charity bank accounts each Friday. As under Charities Trust, fees are deducted at source before payment is released.

Credit / Debit card donations including for fundraising pages will be transferred by BACS on a weekly basis, with each Friday payment covering donations made in the previous Sunday to Saturday week.

Other payments will be made monthly, on a Friday, in the middle of each month.

Gift Aid will be paid one month in arrears to allow HMRC time to confirm or reject the claim. The payments will commence in July 2015.

Income from sources such as Give as you Live will continue to be paid on a monthly basis, as this is when Everyclick receives the retailer payments.

3. Presentation of payment information.
We’re taking the opportunity to overhaul the payment screens in our admin system, so your payment information view will soon be as clear and concise as possible.

We have also made some changes to the default payment reference that appears on your bank statement, so you should recognise at a glance what the cash refers to, e.g. Donations appear with the notation ‘EveryclickDonatexx’, where xx refers to the payment week. Give as you live and Search funds appear with the notation ‘Giveasyoulive xxx’ where xxx refers to the month in which payment is made.

The option to enter a reference more specific for your charity, should you wish, will shortly be available as part of the upgrade to the admin system.

So what do you, the charity, need to do?

Unlike Charities Trust, Technology Trust does not accept or review bank details sent directly to them by charities using Everyclick. Payments are made to the bank accounts advised to them by us, which we take from the admin system maintained by the charities themselves.

We want to make sure that the payments we send to you reach you without any delay. If your bank details change, please make sure you update the admin system immediately. Similarly, if your current administrator is no longer able to fulfil that duty, please ensure a replacement, and preferably a back-up as well, is in place so your charity always has immediate access to update details as required.

If anything needs changing now, just log in and follow the instructions in the relevant section. There is a forgotten password link if logging on is a problem. If you don’t know who your administrator is, or your administrator is no longer with the charity, please call the charity team on 0800 883 8450 who will be able to help you.

If you have any concerns regarding this change in partner or need further information, please contact customer services on 0800 883 8450

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