What are the definitions of the terms used in the Compliance Agreement?

Compliance Agreement — A compliance agreement is a combination of two different agreements. The first is a Commercial Participation Agreement (CPA) and the second is a Self-billing Agreement.

Commercial Participation Agreement — The 1992 Charities Act requires a Commercial Participation Agreement to be put in place when a charity is involved in a promotional venture with a business.

CPA — CPA is the abbreviation of Commercial Participation Agreement.

Everyclick — Everyclick refers to Everyclick Limited (Company Number 05184190) whose registered office is at: Everyclick Ltd. Basepoint Business Centre, Crab Apple Way, Vale Business Park, Evesham, Worcestershire, WR11 1GP

Self-billing invoice — This is the method whereby Everyclick Ltd. Issues an invoice to itself , on behalf of the charity or trading company, allowing Everyclick to pay the Trading Payment to the Charity or Trading Company promptly.

Trading Company — A Trading Company is a subsidiary set up by a charity to carry out trading operations for and on behalf of the charity. The profits of the Trading Company will usually be paid to the Charity in the form of a donation.

Trading Payment — The Trading Payment is the amount calculated by the Charity or Trading Company deemed to represent the value to Everyclick of the promotional efforts performed by the Charity or Trading Company.


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